Worked a party last night.  It was supposed to be 40-50 people.  It ended up being 14 adults and 6 kids.  It was fun watching the kids run around.  Watching them whip, then nae nae.  But then I realized it was like 8:45.  And the party was supposed to be over 45 minutes ago.  Not that we were closing, but it was becoming time to transition to a proper Saturday night bar.  But they just didn’t give a FUCK.  Kids are running around, shoes off.  A couple people walked down, took one look at the game of duck, duck, goose happening on the dance floor and turned right the fuck back around.  This is not good for business or our image.

Then, THEN…. I turn around and notice that some of the kids look different.  They’ve changed clothes.  They are in pajamas.  THE PARENTS BROUGHT PAJAMAS FOR THEM TO CHANGE INTO.  What??  This was some premeditated shit.  They knew they were gonna be here late as fuck with their kids treating the bar like the McDonald’s play place.  And you can’t even say anything because they are friends of friends of the owner and some guy who used to work here.  Ugh.

Then my friends cousin came in, and it was nice to chat with someone I know.  But at the end of the night she left a 10% tip.  Why.

Oh, and this conversation with some retard on coke:

-let me get a cranberry vodka

“Ok, $6.50..did you want to start a tab or pay cash?”

-what? yeah.  um.  put it on a tab *waving his hand at me*

“Ok, I need a credit card for a tab.”

-can i pay cash?

“Of course”

-just put it on a tab *starts tweaking with his hand*

“I need a card for a tab”

-just put it on a tab

“You need to either pay cash as you go, or give me a card”


“In case you walk out”


“Yeah.  It’s what we do here, sorry”

-fine  i’ll pay cash

“Ok, $6.50”

-*fumbles around looking for cash and rolling his eyes*

“Why is this a problem?  It’s a real thing that happens in bars all across America.  You order a drink, you pay for it.  That’s how it works.”

-*practically throws a 20 at me* HERE YOU GO

“Thanks.  Here’s your change.”

-thank you SO much *tweak* *sarcasm*

“Great, thanks.  Listen.  This isn’t over.  We’re probably gonna have to go through this again when you want your next one.”

I don’t know if he was retarded, on drugs, or both.  But, his friends were both laughing their asses off at me and apologizing profusely.  I came this close to telling him to get the fuck out, but I’m a patient girl.




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