it’s not easy always being right, but someone has to do it

Ooooooooohhh … There is nothing I hate more than not being supported by my co-worker in the battle of the belligerent.  And, playing the “when mommy says no, ask daddy” game.

So, when I say that someone is “in bad shape” I usually mean it.  Just because this bimbo worked here for a short time like 4 years ago doesn’t give her the green light to act like a drunken fool.  It doesn’t look good for the bar, and it’s unsafe for her and everyone around her.

But that’s cool, just keep serving her.  I’ll just stand over here and enjoy the show.  Look, she’s dancing against the wall.  Oops, watch out for the bar stool honey.  Good thing your friend was there to barely help you up.  Slap fight in the middle of the dining room?  Saw that one coming a mile away..

Maybe we will just wait for someone to die before we rethink how we serve people.  My hands are tied and I fucking hate it.


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