Facebook Fun






The owner of the page finally responded to me and I responded back, but it seems as though they deleted it. Then, I made a comment about how it was deleted and that got deleted, too. Apparently, you can only hold a conversation on that page unless your opinion aligns exactly with theirs. Otherwise, they respond with a lame quip and make the world believe they had the last say.


You need it more than I do


Big man paying for his whole group gives me $140 on a $135.60 tab.  I give him back his 4 dollars and change just to make a statement.  He takes the change.

New digs

Free sandwiches and 2 shift drinks? Ummm, fuck yeah. I knew my instincts were right about this place. They have a sign that says “Beware of attack bartender”. I like this place. It’s saucy. I could probably tell someone to go fuck themselves and not get fired.