“Sunday Funday” how I fucking hate this phrase

Made the mistake of picking up somebody’s shift Sunday night.  Apparently, Sunday night is when all the servers decide that it’s time to let loose.  And that’s cool..there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a drink or ten after your shift but, please:

Don’t think you can shout at me from the other end of the bar just because you work here.

Don’t flail your arms wildly at me because you need me to make your drink ticket for one of your fellow shitty coworkers.

And lastly, do NOT interrupt me while I’m TAKING A CUSTOMERS ORDER just to tell me that you have drink tickets (also for your shitty coworkers).

Are you fucking kidding me?



After a tiring 10 minute discussion explaining our menu to this chick because she can’t decide what she wants, she asks me..   “Do the slider burgers taste different than the regular burgers?”

Got home and told my boyfriend about it, his genius response:  “Yes, they taste smaller”.  I lost it. Nnnnng..time machine, where are you??